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This is logo rebuild for Whiz Kid Cupcakes. We immediately fell in love with the philosophy of the company and how their proceeds of their cupcake sales go to support childhood literacy. The owner wanted to spruce up their existing logo and make it more current and vibrant.

Creating the cupcake was extremely fun. We kept the same character composition and added gradients to give the mascot a more dimensional finesse. The addition of small teeth on the cupcake symbolizes youth and the thickly rimmed glasses symbolize a studious pupil. We kept the baby pink and blue colors as they went well with the theme of the company. A collegiate style font accompanies the altered 'i' in 'Whiz' to a pencil. An eraser is used as the jot over the 'i'. The 'a' in cupcakes was altered to look like a spatula. Gotta love those sweets! Both the pencil and spatula tie in the literacy and confections theme.

"Revamping logos is something we thoroughly enjoy especially when you know it's for a good cause."


Poof! And it's done.

Call us today at 803.250.6299 or email us at to start your logo rebranding project.

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